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News from Chauvin Arnoux Ltd

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18 May 2022

Brand new webinar series starting in June 2022

Insulation is arguably the most importance component of all electrical circuits and equipment, this is certainly true from a safety perspective. The testing of insulation is critical to assessing the condition of all electrical systems. From PAT...
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15 March 2022

Brand New CA8345 Power Quality Analyser

The latest addition to our Qualistar family is now compliant with IEC61000-4-30 Class A.
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01 March 2022

Our popular Chauvin Arnoux webinars continue in 2022 with 3 new topics

In this webinar we will look in detail at the methods of carrying out low resistance measurement. When installing and testing power systems, such a bus bars, it is essential that we have very good electrical connections to avoid local heating, volts...
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18 October 2021

F407 The Power clamp with unprecedented performance

Many clamps on the market today are blind to harmonic currents and distorted waveforms. This results in displayed readings up to 38% lower than the actual current flowing. Modern industrial and domestic premises are full of non-linear loads...
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06 May 2021

NEW PEL104 and PEL106 Power and Energy Loggers

Offering improved performance and functionality, compared to our most popular PEL103, while retaining the same simplicity of use and competitive pricing.
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22 January 2021

CA1510- Controlling the cost of COVID ventilation

The C.A 1510 simultaneously measures CO2, temperature and humidity. This compact, comprehensive, user-friendly, stand-alone tester allows both fixed and portable use. Its accurate readings meet the current air quality requirements.