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05 Oct 2015

DOX3104 & DOX3304 - 4-channel benchtop oscilloscopes

High-performance oscilloscopes & arbitrary signal generators

The Metrix® brand from the Chauvin Arnoux Group, the specialist in portable instrumentation for the electrical sector, is launching two new oscilloscopes to meet its customers’ requirements. The new METRIX® DOX3104 & DOX3304 100 & 300 MHz benchtop oscilloscopes offer a wide range of functions to meet the varied requirements of designers and production and troubleshooting specialists in sectors such as electronics, telecommunications, IT and peripheral devices. They are also ideal for the needs of specialists in the automotive sector, industry and automatic control systems.

24 Feb 2016

OXi 6204 - Multi-function laboratory oscilloscope

Maximum technology, minimum space requirements!

Chauvin Arnoux is launching a new Multi-function laboratory oscilloscope, the OXi 6204 under its brand Metrix®. This new model is designed for the laboratory and education markets as a replacement for the mixed differential oscilloscopes. It offers a compact design, simple use and practical functions at a competitive price. It is simultaneously an oscilloscope, multimeter, logger and FFT / harmonic analyser, meeting the needs of engineers, lab technicians, technical staff, teachers and electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers. There are many potential applications as the OXi 6204 is equipped with 4 channels isolated from one another and in relation to the earth, which means it can be used with up to 4 independent integrated differential probes.

15 Dec 2015

PEL 105

The Power Energy Logger which is ideal for applications in the field

The specialist in portable electrical instrumentation is completing its range of PEL Series loggers under the Chauvin Arnoux® brand with the latest model for energy auditing or point measurements on networks. The PEL 105 logger is particularly simple to use with an all-terrain IP67 casing capable of withstanding shocks, UV rays and extreme temperatures. It is ideal for outdoor installation directly on an electricity pole. This logger was developed in the Group’s R&D laboratories in France and manufactured on the production sites in Normandy, like the Group’s other product ranges.

C.A 6522, C.A 6524, C.A 6526,
C.A 6532, C.A 6534, C.A 6536

Insulation and continuity testers

Chauvin Arnoux, the French manufacturer of portable instrumentation and the market leader in electrical measurement, is launching a new range of portable 1 kV megohmmeters. Industrial maintenance, electronics, telecommunications, avionics: a Chauvin Arnoux® megohmmeter for each application. With 6 models, this comprehensive range of insulation and continuity testers covers all your applications in the field.

13 Nov 2015

C.A 742 & C.A 762

New Voltage Absence Testers for safety testing before starting work

The new C.A 742 and C.A 762 voltage absence testers from Chauvin Arnoux® meet the requirements of the EN 50110-1 European standard which recommends cutting off the power to installations before starting any work on them. Most European countries formalize this with a procedure called Separation involving a test to ensure that no voltage is present, performed using a specific instrument compliant with the IEC 61243-3 standard: a Voltage Absence Tester.

29 Oct 2015

C.A 1950 DiaCAm2

Simple ergonomics for a Chauvin Arnoux® thermal camera which is an essential part of any toolbox

100 % French! The brand new thermal camera designed and developed by Chauvin Arnoux, the DiaCAm2 C.A 1950, is particularly simple to use. Its ergonomics has been designed for a comfortable grip, with direct access to the functions using one hand only. It offers an exceptional battery life of 13 hours without wasting any time, as it starts up in 3 seconds.