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12 Oct 2023

Our new "How to" video series is now out on our Youtube channel!

08 Sep 2023

We recently celebrated Chauvin Arnoux's 130 year anniversary!

19 Jun 2023

Chauvin Arnoux's Kevin Smith recently joined the Apprentice 121 Podcast, watch the episode now!

12 Jun 2023

Looking for more information on real world applications of our instruments and how they can help you reduce your energy costs? Check out the Case Studies section on our website!

02 Jun 2023

Presenting the PEL 51 single phase logger, ideal for domestic and commercial applications. Watch the video and learn all about it!

04 May 2023

Watch informative videos about Chauvin Arnoux products and various relevant test & measurement topics. Subscribe to be the first to be notified about new videos!

07 Apr 2023

Small, portable and easy to use — PEL 51 is from our latest range of power and energy loggers by Chauvin Arnoux that’s designed to monitor electrical consumption seamlessly.