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19 Oct 2021

Many clamps on the market today are blind to harmonic currents and distorted waveforms. This results in displayed readings up to 38% lower than the actual current flowing. Modern industrial and domestic premises are full of non-linear loads creating these harmonic currents.

06 May 2021

Offering improved performance and functionality, compared to our most popular PEL103, while retaining the same simplicity of use and competitive pricing.

22 Jan 2021

The C.A 1510 simultaneously measures CO2, temperature and humidity. This compact, comprehensive, user-friendly, stand-alone tester allows both fixed and portable use. Its accurate readings meet the current air quality requirements.

22 Oct 2020

Accurately & safely test body temperature

21 Oct 2020

Class 2 integrating sound level meter

08 Sep 2020

Helping to shape an efficient and sustainable energy future for all.

08 Sep 2020

Nearly 50% of UK electricity is used by industry who could easily reduce their consumption by 10-20%