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Chauvin Arnoux group expanded its global presence into the British and Eire market with the opening of the Chauvin Arnoux UK office based in Slough in 1986.

The business was able to develop and needed to expand into new premises to service the UK market and moved to larger premises located in Maidenhead in 1997.

After continued investment and a further need to enable growth, the office relocated again from Maidenhead in 2009 to our current offices in Dewsbury, where we have developed a dedicated team of 3 office support staff working alongside our team of 3 field sales engineers.

The new premises now feature a dedicated training facility allowing the subsidiary to educate customers and distributors on the latest products and electrical standards.  Regular seminars are also held by the Groups product managers on general measurement theory in topics covering our specialities of Power, Energy, Resistance and Insulation.

A further commitment to the UK market has seen the development in 2016 of a dedicated and select specialist distribution network in England, Scotland and Ireland.  Our sales distribution network partners receive regular and ongoing training to ensure they can fully support our expert range of test equipment and provide the right test solution to the customers’ application and requirements.

During our past 30 years in the UK we have also worked with many of the country’s largest manufacturers including a joint European venture to supply our expertise in Insulation Resistance and Current Clamp measurement into a large aerospace project.  Over these years we have continued to innovate and work closely with selected partners in a growing spectrum of industries helping our customers develop their businesses in some of the latest innovations in Power, Energy and Voltage optimisation.  Recent in house R&D development is now allowing the group to make the measure of temperature and thermography a practical option for our existing and new customers by utilising the knowledge and skills of our 6 European manufacturing sites.