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Our popular Chauvin Arnoux webinars continue in 2022 with 3 new topics

Our Chauvin Arnoux webinars have been a great hit with our customers and we have received excellent feedback. So, by popular request, we have three new webinars available in January, February and March.

Webinar 3 – Chauvin Arnoux- Low Resistance Measurement – March 2022 (March 24th 7pm, March 25th 10am)

In this webinar we will look in detail at the methods of carrying out low resistance measurement. When installing and testing power systems, such a bus bars, it is essential that we have very good electrical connections to avoid local heating, volts drop and many other effects. Using micro-ohmmeters to measure these very low resistance values is a simple and effective way to ensure reliable connections.

This webinar will cover:

• Introduction to low resistance measurement
• Factors that affect the accuracy of low resistance measurement
• Applications that require low resistance measurement to be carried out
• Selection of suitable devices to measure low resistances.