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C.A 8436 Qualistar+

The new all-terrain power and power quality analyser from Chauvin Arnoux, offers a rugged, watertight design with an IP67 protection rating. The Qualistar+ analysers comply with the IEC 1000-4-30 standard and be used to produce measurement reports...

All new C.A 8436 Qualistar+

Now includes major new functions:
Inrush over a period of up to 10 minutes
Integration of all the DC components
Calculation of the distortion voltages and currents
Measurement of P, Q, S and D power values, total and per phase
Calculation of Pst & Plt flicker values
Large choice of units available: kW, Joule, nuclear toe, non-nuclear toe, BTU, etc.
Up to 40 alarms can be set simultaneously!
Recording mode: recording starts immediately
Specially designed to save time!
Ideal for the needs of inspection and maintenance departments, the Qualistar models are designed for quick verification of network quality and simple processing of the results. 
The keyboard is divided into immediately-identifiable areas (direct functions, Pop-up menus, cursor, etc.) and the wide colour screen (diagonal 148 mm) uses the same pictograms as the keyboard. The display modes are structured. These direct-access functions help save extra time.

Specific caps have been developed to ensure that the C.A 8436 analyser is waterproof.

Breakdown of the reactive power values, with the concept of non-active power (N), distorting power (D) and reactive power (Q1).