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05 Feb 2018

Small & compact for AC current measurement

16 Feb 2016

The magazine Electrical Products and Solutions has awarded its Product of the Year prize to the latest in our range of loggers for applications in the field.

25 Jan 2016

The new Asyc IV multimeter from Metrix® has won Gold in the 2015 Electro Magazine Trophies in the Measurement and Tooling category.

07 Jan 2016

The new Asyc IV multimeter from Metrix®, which combines innovation and ergonomics, has just been awarded labelling by the magazine L'Observeur du Design and will be exhibited at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris from 11th December 2015 to 13th March 2016.

03 Dec 2015

The Qualistar+ CA8336, PEL102/103, CA8230 and F407 & F607 Power Clamps have recently been granted approval for inclusion in the Carbon Trust’s Energy Technology List (ETL).

04 Sep 2015

Our customer EnergyAce has sent us the following feedback on the Chauvin Arnoux Group following the successful supply of a batch of more than thirty PEL103 Power / Energy / Harmonics Data Loggers: