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METRIX® renews its measuring instrument range

The METRIX® brand proposes a complete range of measuring instruments.

The range of METRIX® multimeters has been renewed with the arrival of the B-ASYC simplified multimetedsx, the MTX 202 and MTX 203, and the expert graphical colour multimeters and precision recorders in the ASYC IV range: MTX 3290, MTX 3291, MTX 3292 and MTX 3293. The SX-DMM software covers both the current and former ranges.

The range of benchtop oscilloscopes has been expanded with the addition of the DOX 2000 & DOX 3000 2 or 4-channel models for electronics; for the electrical engineering sector, the OXi 6204 with its 600 V CAT II isolated channels has replaced the METRIX® OX 80X2 range of differential oscilloscopes.